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Landbase Consulting is a multi-disciplinary project management services company offering custom-made Solutions 



Landbase Consulting is a multi-disciplinary project management services company offering custom-made solutions for all Land Development, Construction Project Management and Engineering requirements. 

This organization is largely built on four pillars of Integrity, Ethics, Values and Transparency , which are essential to be an extension of our client’s interests and success in their ventures. Each of the Landbase resources is handpicked by the senior management who believe that the success of any project rest on the personnel who drive it sincerely. 

We have a passion for providing aesthetically pleasing and functional buildings of exceptional quality and understand each project requires a different approach tailor-made to meet our client’s business aspirations. We love what we do and pride ourselves on the quality of our work, our attention to detail and our ability to deliver the right solutions for you. Our reputation rides on the quality of our delivery and our client’s satisfaction. We provide all the services from inception to completion ranging from new premises to high quality refurbishment of existing sites. 

Our Senior Management gives each project, individual hands-on care and complete attention. This is vital in the construction industry to ensure that every project runs smoothly. We have the expertise to anticipate and deal with any problem before it shows up, giving a seamless project that fits the client’s needs and the needs of their business.

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At Landbase Consulting we view ourselves as contributors who partner with the clients to enhance the value of their company. 

We listen to know our clients, their team and their company, and give them an opportunity to know us. We learn to understand their needs and what they are trying to achieve. We explore to test alternatives to identify the most effective way to achieve their objectives, and evaluate how best to manage all the proposed project’s implications. We put the right team in place bringing together consultants with the appropriate mix of skills and experience and the appropriate array of tools to work with them throughout the project. We measure to establish a clear set of desired outcomes and tracking progress against those outcomes. 

Our people bring fresh thinking into client issues, along with their expertise and further research to know what really works. We deliver practical, evidence-based solutions that are tailored to the client’s organization’s culture and goals.

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