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LANDBASE Consulting



Landbase Consulting aspires to contribute to the development of infrastructure by offering construction and engineering solutions, while respecting environmental and social responsibilities. These values are reflected in the behaviour, thinking and actions of our workforce.


A responsible company:

We are attentive to our clients and their requirements. We scrupulously respect professional ethics and integrity. We are committed to the principles of sustainable development and demonstrate a sense of responsibility concerning the long-term impact of development on the environment and living conditions.

A creative company:

We foster technical and methodological innovation. We encourage professional and intellectual mobility, and incite in our personnel a desire to undertake and rise to challenges. The members of the same profession are grouped together to enhance our teams’ capacity for innovation.

A caring company:

We take into account the aspirations of our employees and duly acknowledge their contributions. We promote effective team work in which each person has his or her place. We encourage autonomy and responsibility in our staff and recognise and promote their skills and values.

The our core values that will continue to direct the sustainable growth of our company are:Striving towards excellence to achieve the highest possible standards in our quality of delivery;acting with absolute integrity; building strong relationships based on collaboration, mutual cooperation and respect for our colleagues, our customers and associates; continuously improving the standards in delivering value to our customers through innovation and creativity; developing a highly engaged workforce through openness, honesty, fairness and transparency ; and building value into the investments to maximize stakeholders returns

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